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The following mailing lists are set up. You can request to subscribe or unsubscribe by clicking on the corresponding link in the descriptions below.

Hoye List is intended for those interested in Hoye family history, events, or special things that pertain specifically to the Hoye family. The "Hoye Family" means those who are descendants of Rodman C. Hoye and Barbara Jean Stoessel. You don't have to be "a Hoye" to have an interest and be a subscriber. Messages sent through the list should pertain to the family in some concrete way.

Stoessel List is similar to the Hoye list. The difference is that this list captures descendants of John Edward Stoessel, Mary Elizabeth Stoessel (von Dorn), and Edward Thomas Stoessel (me).

Free-For-All List is a general topic list. Messages do not need to conform to either of the above two topics. The members of this list, when it was created, were all the members of the above two lists.

All lists permit only subscribers to send messages to the group. To become a member, you must request membership. You may be asked to explain your interest in the goings on of these families.

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