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What is it?


This seemed like a good idea but it didn't catch on. I'm leaving the page up for information and the possibility that it may catch on later.

The Member Forum is an electronic community, but not like FaceBook or the others. It functions like a hallway with various bulletin boards. Each board has announcements and/or comments about a general topic. Think of a church, school, or business. They will have bulletin boards for "stuff" from various departments. There might be a board for "Personnel," "Engineering," "Accounting," and so on. Unlike most of those places, with a Forum, those who read the board can also post messages for others to see or respond to. That is the concept we have here.

Get Started


You can begin using the board by applying for membership. Membership is free, but is not intended for the general public. One reason for that is to prevent spammers and other trouble-makers from interfering with us. Initially, all members will be given access to all the boards. They can read postings and submit postings to any of the boards. If, and when needed, "Private" boards will be set up. If a particular group of members wish to have "special members only" discussions, we will set up a board with access limited to only the special members. This is similar to those members having a key to a locked room where their board is kept. Any member can open the door and come in to read or post messages with confidence that nobody else will read them.

To apply for membership in our forum, you need to first apply by completing an application form.
Complete the application form now.

Access the Forum


After you have an approved username and password you can log into the forum and begin using it. You will receive a link to the forum in the same email that informs you that you are a registered member. For convenient access, you should create a shortcut (aka "favorite" or "bookmark") that directly takes you to the login screen.