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Stoessel OIl Wagon


Apparently, Pierre Stoessel (Peter Stoessel) immigrated to the USA in the mid-1800s. He must have settled in or near Ottumwa, Iowa and had a business delivering kerosene. He had a son named Albert Theodore who, in turn had a son named Albert Theodore, Jr. Perhaps both Alberts participated in the business. In any event, Albert, Jr. was in possession of two kerosene tank wagons owned originally by Peter Stoessel. Albert, Jr. along with two representatives of the American Petroleum Institute were photographed by a Des Moines Register news photographer. The three are pictured with the wagon on the front steps of the Iowa State Capitol in May of 1959. The occasion for the news item was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the American Petroleum Institute. As noted on the description on the back (handwritten by Edward Otto) there was a second wagon that was placed in the Ford Museum near Detroit, Michigan.

Albert (the first) was the brother of John Henry Stoessel, father of Edward Otto Stoessel, my father. So Albert, Jr. and Edward Otto were first cousins.